IT’S FUNCTIONAL REASSURE POTENTIAL GUESTS How relaxing is it to know that we will be free of unpleasant surprises? During a trip, everything will go smoothly, meeting our expectations. A virtual tour of your hotel can be a valuable ally in creating this reassuring feeling in your potential guests. Travelers love to know exactly what they will receive upon their arrival. Through video, your reliability and authenticity will become one more reason to come. No missed expectations, only satisfied customers. Virtual tours show guests your hotel's structure, décor, and multiple amenities, meeting their needs. By choosing high-quality images of your rooms, outdoor spaces, and even some nice food shots, Hotel video tours creates a realistic yet entertaining video of your hotel. It will simplify the planning phase of both leisure guests and business meeting planners. They will visit your space from the comfort of their home or office. Now that it is safer for people to travel, many potential tourists are looking for destinations. Virtual tours shown to them on a video can really grab their attention by combining functionality and aesthetics. Include dynamic and up- to-date content on your website; they highlight the unique features of your hotel in a realistic way. Be functional and inspiring: a video will remain etched in the memory of your audience.
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SHARING ENJOY A SHARED EXPERIENCE Make   your   hotel   famous   to   the   world   through the   eyes   of   those   who   have   visited!   Make   your guests      feel      important      by      sharing      their experiences     online:     they     are     your     most valuable    testimonials.    You    can    be    sure:    the shared   memories   of   your   travelers   will   create new ones. People   love   to   share,   especially   the   pleasant moments   spent   in   the   most   beautiful   places.   It is   no   coincidence   that   showing   your   vacation photos    is    a    habit    that    has    been    around    for ages:    first    by    flipping    through    family    photo albums,   today   by   posting   them   in   real-time   for followers.    Seize    this    opportunity:    let    guests show the unique aspects of your resort! Other   people's   photos   are   much   more   effective than    just    positive    reviews.    Authentic    user- generated    content,    shared    in    dynamic    video tours    or    dedicated    sections    of    the    website, really      makes      a      difference      in      terms      of truthfulness   and   engagement.   They   will   make past   and   new   guests   feel   part   of   a   shared   yet exclusive   experience.   A   story   they   want   to   be   a part of.